This Kit Has Everything You Need to Host Your Own Escape Room at Home

Kelly Allen
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Photo credit: Uncommon Goods
Photo credit: Uncommon Goods

From House Beautiful

Want to leave your home without actually leaving it? Well, Uncommon Goods is selling an at-home escape room kit that'll transport you to one of London’s most exclusive art galleries.

To get started with the kit, one person needs to take charge as the mastermind behind the escape room. They’ll have to plant the clues that come with the kit throughout the home (think: behind picture frames or inside pillowcases). Once the stage is set, the rest of the group has to solve a sequence of riddles and crack codes to locate the exit. The imaginary scenario is that the group is trapped in one of London’s most exclusive art galleries. They only have 60 minutes to figure out how to escape. If they don’t, they’ll become a part of the permanent collection.

Player-wise, two to six people are recommended. The kit comes with everything you’ll need for you and your family or friends to play. It has an introduction and instruction booklet, more than 40 clues of various types–like images, locations, letters, numbers, and more–a key, photo booth frame, clues file, and notepad. You can buy the game through Uncommon Goods’s website for $50.

When winter rolls around and we can no longer go for super-long nature walks to escape our homes, this at-home escape room kit would surely come in handy–especially when there's nothing left to watch on Netflix!

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