Kisan Union meets Delhi Police: Farmer leaders convey their plan of peaceful protest near parliament

As per the latest reports, the protesting Kisan Union has met with the Delhi police team. Times Now accessed the inside track of the discussion. In the meet, the farmer leaders convey their plan of a peaceful stir near the parliament, but the Delhi Police insisted on changing the location. The second round of Kisan cops talks is set on July 19th, where the Andolan vs. anarchy debate shall be taken forward. Just a day ahead of the parliament session today, the Kisan agitators have picked on their next plan of action to intensify dharna. The Delhi Cops have written to the state Metro alerting them to keep extra vigil at 7 listed metro stations. The bigger question amid this row over the gherao parliament plan is whether politics is greater or peace. Although, the protestors have assured that there’ll not be any gherao parliament, but necessary precautions are still being put into place by the Delhi Police. Watch!

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