The New King of LA Real Estate Gives Back

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Christopher M. Naghibi, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Black Crown Inc., has created the preeminent relationship based real estate brokerage and law firm in Los Angeles and Orange County, with over $10 million in recovered costs for clients and in excess of $20 billion dollars in closed transactions. 

Black Crown Inc. is truly one of a kind, offering every service in-house which allows them to provide their high profile clients with privacy and anonymity. But just because Naghibi’s company caters to celebrity clients doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about the communities in the areas he operates. 

Giving back is one of the central values Naghibi instilled in Black Crown Inc.. Relationships are vital–both to their clients and the communities they work in. Naghibi manages a collective of attorneys, property managers, real estate agents and contractors, all of whom participate in different community-focused projects. 

An attorney himself with his JD from Trinity Law School, Naghibi and his lawyers provide pro bono legal work for local families in need. As a licensed general contractor, the founder of Black Crown Inc. has also worked alongside Habitat for Humanity constructing buildings and creating unique loan programs helping to get deserving families into the home of their dreams in Hawaii, Las Vegas and California. With his Gentlemen’s Coalition, he is expanding his local non-profit support to work with community organizations that strive to support children with rare diseases through funding research, benefitting their families, and more. While finance, real estate, and construction are mostly male-dominated fields, Naghibi is seeking to change that as a board member for She Built This City, an organization that helps empower women of all ages in sparking interest in the construction and manufacturing trades.

Today, more than ever, people expect businesses not just to avoid harming the environment and society, but actually better it–whether through community give-back programs or increased sustainability in their sourcing of materials and production. Naghibi has certainly led the charge for socially conscious businesses throughout his career, at First Foundation Bank, Impac Commercial Capital Corporation, U.S. Financial Services & Residential Realty, and First Fidelity Funding. 

Throughout his time working in these finance and real-estate focused companies, Naghibi used his strong credit skills and broad experience in multifamily, commercial and single-family residence real estate lending, private banking, consumer lending and both small business and middle market lending to help those in his community who needed advice but could not afford his expertise.

With a Juris Doctorate from Trinity Law School, a Master of Business Administration from American Heritage University, and two bachelor degrees to boot, Naghibi believes in education. He enjoys giving speeches to local schools in the Los Angeles and Orange County area, inspiring kids and developing relationships. It was his extensive education that Naghibi credits with allowing him to create Black Crown Inc., a true unicorn in the real estate industry with consolidating every available service in-house, because he understands and has experience in each department. Being able to switch between all these different hats allows Naghibi to better manage his team and provide the best service for his clients.

For Naghibi, everything hinges upon cultivating productive and long lasting relationships–both with his clients and the communities he works with.

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