King Cobra Follows Child Into His House in Vietnam, Spine-Chilling Clip Goes Viral on Social Media (Watch Scary Video)

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New Delhi, July 17: A scary video of King Cobra trying to follow a toddler inside his house has gone viral on the internet. The viral clip showed a deadly snake slithering over the gleaming floor in a village in Vietnam. The spine-chilling incident reported from Vietnam's Soc Trang village on July 14. The video has been uploaded on YouTube by ViralHog and has been widely shared by people. A close look at the video shows a deadly snake slithering over the gleaming floor. The family seems to have been saved by chance.

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According to reports, the 2-meter king cobra tried to cause harm to the toddler in broad daylight when he was casually playing with his toys in the front yard of his house. The video shows the child's grandfather standing close to him, while a man is seen sitting on the chair near the door. The child's grandfather spotted the snake slithering there and approaching them after which he immediately yelled for help. Cannibalism in Snakes: 4-Foot-Long Cobra Rescued After It Swallowed Another 3-Foot-Long Cobra in Odisha’s Balakati Village (See Pics).

King Cobra Tries to Follow Kid Inside the House in Vietnam:

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Shocked by seeing the deadly snake near the house, the child's father ran towards the child and picked him up. All the three rushed inside the house to save themselves from the Cobra. The viral video of the poisonous King Cobra shows it moving really fast towards the door from among toys before the family shut the door behind.

The snake then attempted to enter through the entrance, but it couldn't due to insufficient space. After a few more fruitless tries to get inside the house, the Cobra then moves out of the front yard. The video was uploaded on July 15 and has garnered as much as 229,628 views so far.

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