Kindergarten Boy's Entire Class Showed up to Witness His Adoption Hearing Ceremony

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A boy based in United States’ Michigan got his entire Kindergarten class to witness his adoption hearing in the courtroom. The photo from the hearing has gone viral on social media and is being appreciated across the world.

The incident took place at the annual adoption day Kent County. The little boy, namely Michael has been adopted by foster parents Andrea Melvin and Dave Eaton. A total of 37 children were adopted on the very same day in Grand Rapids.

Kent County shared the picture of Michael and his classmates present in the courtroom. They captioned it as, “Michael brought his entire kindergarten class with him today to witness his adoption.”

This particular photo on Facebook has got more than 45 thousand likes and has been shared more than 112 thousand times.

The Supreme Court of Michigan too could not resist, sharing the incident’s photo on their official Twitter handle.

Court Appointed Special Advocates of Kent County too shared the image on Facebook, saying, “It’s adoption day at the courthouse — the BEST day of the year! Congratulations to Michael and his cool that his entire class came to support him! ❤

❤ ”

The adoption proceedings took place before Judge Patricia Gardner. The Court granted 30 minutes to each family for hearing.

Hearing is basically a formal way to finalise adoptions.