Kim in Kerala: CPI-M has a poster boy like no other. Clue: He wants to nuke US

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Kim in Kerala: CPI-M has a poster boy like no other. Clue: He wants to nuke US

A poster invite for CPM cadres to attend a party meet in Kerala's Nedumkandam area has stirred quite a storm. Why? It has Kim Jong-Un's picture plastered over it.

Starting his Sunday with a rather quirky attack on the Left in Kerala, BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra tweeted a CPI-M poster spotted somewhere- that has a picture of North Korean depot Kim Jong-Un on it.

Drawing a unique analogy thereafter, Patra said that this reasons the mass killing of RSS cadres in the state.

Hoping that CPI-M does not launch missiles on the BJP, RSS offices like Kim Jong-Un's plans to nuke the United States, Patra added, "Hope the Left is not planning to launch missiles at the RSS, BJP offices as their next gruesome agenda."

Meanwhile, the poster is an invite to all CPI-M cadres to attend the party meet in Nedumkandam on December 16-17.

In the past, the CPI-M has reportedly used images of Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin on their posters, but Kim Jong-Un's is definitely the first this time round.


Kerala has long been marred with reports of RSS-Left cadres indulging in political killings.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has time and again raised hue and cry over what it claims are ideological murders of its workers by Left cadre in Kerala.

Insinuating that perhaps the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's belligerent ideas are influencing the CPM cadres in the state, Patra has sure stirred a storm on the internet for the day.