Kim Kardashian Has a Sink With No Basin in it. Here's How it Works.
Kim Kardashian recently shared a picture of her sink, which caught the Internet's attention for the absolute lack of something essential in a sink - a basin.

Kim Kardashian West is living in 3019 while the rest of us are living in 2019.

No, really. Minimalist design is taking over the world, where people are trying to make everything as sleek as simple as possible. While home decor enthusiasts are trying to step up their game, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just took the trophy for minimalism home.

Sorry for the 'sinking' feeling you're probably feeling, but they're confusing the entire world with their sink. Which.. is.. well, it's less of a sink and more of a flat-top marble counter.

Recently, the Internet couldn't stop gushing about Kim Kardashian's new sink which was unveiled during her 'home tour.' Partly because of its sleek design, but mostly because of how it lacks a basin. That's right. There's a sink, but no basin. When images of this sink surfaced, it left Twitter very very confused, and with a few hundred thousand questions about how it worked.

Twitter also turned sleek sleuths to try and figure out how the sink existed, or worked.

However, Twitter didn't get the answer right. Some detectives missed it by a very slim chance. Kim took to Instagram to explain how the sink actually works. On her story, she gave a 'bathroom tour' while simultaneously saying how it was designed by Kanye along with other designers.

While we now know how this futuristic technology works, and know we've kept up with the Kardashians, we also know that the chances of us being able to afford this minimalist sink anytime soon are very, slim.