Kim, Kanye become victim of swatting

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, March 6 (IANS) Reality TV star Kim Kardashian and her husband, rapper Kanye West became victims of swatting after police were reportedly called to the couple's Beverly Hills mansion when they received a complaint about a "possible suspect inside the home with a gun". But it turned out to be a hoax.

The incident took place on Saturday, reports

Los Angeles Police Department authorities said no crime took place after officers responded to phone reports of criminal activity at their residence.

Swatting means when a phone phone call is made to authorities in order to draw out police, fire or medical officials to a specific location.

On Saturday, the Twitter account for the Southern California Monitoring Association (SCMA) -- an organisation that monitors scanner reports -- said that reports came in that the residence was the target of a home invasion and that a cleaning girl was shot by a suspect.

The organisation said that the reports might have been a possible swatting incident.

"It appears (that) Kim Kardashian's home is victim of (a) swatting call," the SCMA said.