Kim Jong Un Targets Teen Sex! 'Promiscuity' is Treason, Teachers and Parents in North Korea to Be Punished if Students Found With Pornographic Material

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North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un has reportedly launched an attack that meddles into sex lives of the teens in his country. North Korea now sees "sexual promiscuity" an act of treason. So parents will be punished if there are "decadent capitalist influences" like pornography among their children. After noticing that more high school students are engaging in immoral sexual deviance, a crackdown has been ordered. Schools will have to check phones of their students for any such material and teachers too are threatened to be punished! Is Kim Jong-un Using a Body Double? Netizens Compare Pictures Of The North Korean Leader's Recent Appearance, Share Wild Theories.

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A source told Radio Free Asia, there is a warning to parents on teens' "impure acts" and there will be a strict punishment if they get caught. The moves also comes in, to crackdown on Japanese porn, along with racy movies from South Korea and the US which circulate on phones of teenagers and USB drives from China. A source was quoted to the report, "The reason behind this order is that the local Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League in Sinuiju [a city on the border with China] inspected high school students, and found that some high school boys and girls hang out with local gangsters, live together, and commit immoral acts such as prostitution."

The Central Committee now wants to crack down on teen sex as they believe these "immoral sexual behaviour" acts damage the foundation of society. The cause they identify is the more number of mobile phones accessible to the students. So now, phones of students have been ordered to check by teachers and parents. Officials are "taking measures to control the teens’ unhealthy sexual activity," the source added. This will be done with an app called Red Flag which runs in the background of all phones in the country and keeps a log of webpages visited by users and takes screenshots. These photos can be checked by authorities at any time.

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Youth were made aware of the crackdown during meetings of the Kimilsungist-Kimjongilist Youth League. This major crackdown on the country's youth has been underway since April with an aim to remove all South Korean cultural influences spreading on youth in the country. The move has created fear among children.