Kim Jong Un Death Hoax: Is North Korea's Supreme Leader Dead? Photoshopped Image of Kim Jong Il's Funeral Goes Viral

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Seoul, April 25: Social media was gripped by another hoax related to North Korea's Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, as photoshopped images of "his funeral" went viral. Upon a fact-check, it was found that the images were maliciously designed, using the visuals available from the last rites of Jong Un's father Kim Jong Il. Kim Jong Un 'Brain Dead' or Infected With 'Coronavirus'? Here is What New Reports Say About North Korean Leader's Health.

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The fresh round of rumours came in backdrop of reports which claimed that Jong Un has either been hit by a terminal disease or has been declared brain dead. Even as the Pyongyang state media has not trashed the reports related to Jong Un, no confirmation has been received from either the country or its closest ally - China.

The hoax on social media was shared with the edited image of Jong Un's father's funeral, along with a note which claimed that a satellite-TV based in Beijing has aired the visuals from the North Korean Supreme Leader's funeral.

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Jong Un, born in 1984, became one of the youngest heads of state in the world after he assumed power in 2011 -- at the age of 27 -- following the death of his father and then ruler Kim Jong Il. Under Jong Un's leadership, North Korea has been further isolated from the world. Despite pressure from arch-rival United States, the Jong Un regime did not halt its campaign to strengthen the nuclear arsenal.

Leading publications across the globe reported four days ago that Jong Un was either dead or incapacitated due to health-related ailments. The speculations were further fueled as the Pyongyang's state-run news agency has not denied the reports so far. Earlier today, Newsweek reported that China has sent a team of doctors to North Korea to ascertain the health of the Supreme Leader.