Kim Jong Un Birthday: Five Lesser Known Facts About The North Korean Dictator

Team Latestly

New Delhi, January 7: Kim Jong-Un, one of the most feared world leaders, was born on this day in 1984 as per the list prepared by the United States' Treasury Department. The North Korean dictator turned 35-year-old today -- and continues to remain one of the youngest heads of states across the globe. On Kim Jong-Un's 35th birthday, it remains intriguing to look at five lesser known facts related to his life.

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Nine years ago, when Kim was aged 27, he reportedly underwent a plastic surgery to alter his looks. The surgery, claim North Korea defectors, was aimed at making Kim resemble his grandfather Kim Il-Sung -- who had founded the Democratic People's Republic of Korea in the year 1948.

In 2011, when Kim Jong-Il, father of Kim Jong-Un, passed away leaving behind his son as the heir apparent, huge mournings were held across the totalitarian nation. The mournings were organised by Kim, reports had then claimed, adding that those North Koreans who were identified for "not mourning enough" were send to stern labour camps for six months.

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Even as the international community will note that Kim is now 35, ambiguity continues to prevail over his real age and date of birth. North Koreans were told in 2010 -- when Kim became active in governance -- that he was born in 1982. This was aimed at projecting him as a more mature person, said reports citing North Koreans who have defected to neighbouring South Korea and Japan. Apart from his year of birth, there is also a mystery of whether he was born on January 8 or July 6.

The North Korean regime has always maintained secrecy related to Kim's educational background. As per the official information released by Pyongyang, Kim had mastered in several science and arts streams at a very tender age. But a group which attended a prestigious school located close to Switzerland capital Bern, claim that Kim was enrolled with them between 1998 to 2000.

The same group, which claims to have pursued education along with Kim, said he was more interested in sports as compared to politics. In his college days, he had drawn portraits of basketball legend Michael Jordan. The North Korean leader's admiration for basketball was validated after he publicly revealed his close friendship with former NBA star Dennis Rodman.