Kilmer jokes about Cate Blanchett Twitter rant

Indo Asian News Service

Los Angeles, March 31 (IANS) Actor Val Kilmer says he wrote "nice things" about actress Cate Blanchett on Twitter and joked that he is now a "pervert" for making the comments.

Kilmer, 57, made an appearance at the Irvine Improv in Irvine, California, on Wednesday to introduce a special film screening of "Citizen Twain".

During a question and answer session, an audience member asked Kilmer who was his favourite co-star to work with.

"I can't say Cate Blanchett," he joked, reports

"I wrote nice things about Cate Blanchett on Twitter and now I'm a pervert."

He added: "I'don't know why loving an actor that's so talented is creepy, but I guess I'm creepy."

He also said he didn't understand why the internet reacted like it did to his Blanchett tweets.

"It makes no sense. I didn't say anything weird," he said.

"I write about all my friends," Kilmer added. "There's no story. Nothing weird."

He spent the weekend flooding his Twitter account with posts lauding Blanchett, with whom he appeared in the 2003 film "The Missing" and whom he again co-stars with in the new film "Song to Song".

His posts included an admission that he once flew to Australia "just to talk" to the actress, only to be supposedly met at the airport by her husband and Australian playwright Andrew Upton.

He followed up a few minutes later, adding, "And recently I've had two dreams with Cate Blanchett in them. Her husband wasn't in either of them."

Blanchett has not responded to Kilmer's tweets.