Kill the corrupt, why target PSOs, SPOs: J&K Governor Satya Pal Malik

Arun Sharma
Governor Satya Pal Malik on Pulwama attack: ‘Intelligence failure… we are at fault also’

Speaking in the context of alleged corruption among politicians and bureaucrats, Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Sunday asked militants to kill those who have looted Kashmir instead of targeting Personal Security Officers (PSOs) and Special Police Officers (SPOs) of the Jammu and Kashmir Police.

Ladke jo bandook liye hue hain, fizool nihathey logon ko mar rahey hein. PSOs ko martey hain, SPOs ko martey hain. Bhai, kyun maar rahey ho inko? Unhe maaro jinhone tumhara mulk loota hai, jinhone tumhare Kashmir ki saari daulat looti hai. Inme se bhi koi maara aapney abhi (The boys with guns are unnecessarily killing unarmed people. They are killing PSOs and SPOs. Why are you killing them? Kill those who have looted the wealth of your country and your Kashmir. Have you killed any of them so far)? Malik said, speaking at the inauguration of the Kargil Ladakh Tourism Festival, 2019, at Khree Sultan Cho Sports Stadium in Kargil.

Earlier, Malik lamented that the biggest problem in Jammu and Kashmir is of corruption. There are retired bureaucrats with palatial bungalows in Delhi, the Governor said, adding that if he could, he would send them to jail and take back all the property looted by them .

Without naming Kashmir s political families, he said that while people in the state lived in extreme poverty, there was no limit to the wealth of the big families who ruled the state. They have one house in the state, another in Delhi, Dubai and London… I guarantee you that in the next two-three months, you will seen two-three big fish, who have been ministers, seeking bail. And then, I will ask you to applaud, Malik said, while pointing out that he would complete a year in office in a week s time.

While stressing on talks, Malik said, They (militants) are unnecessarily putting their lives at stake. Nothing will come out of it. Nothing will be achieved through the gun because in India, no one can put pressure on the government through the gun.

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Criticising Kashmiri politicians for their alleged double-speak, he said, In Delhi, they keep us in good humour and in Kashmir, they instigate the people. Now we have asked them to speak the same language.

Pointing out that there are only 200-250 militants left in the Valley , he said 100-125 of them are from Pakistan. Whenever encounters take place, militants from Pakistan take two-three days to get killed, while those from Kashmir do not survive for even two hours as they neither have the training nor weapons, he said.