Kids imitate Sheldon Cotterell in video, West Indies star invites them to India game

Sheldon Cotterell’s sweet gesture is winning hearts online.

There are celebratory moves and then there’s West Indies bowler Sheldon Cottrell’s unique celebration every time he gets a wicket. And two kids who’ve managed to do a spot-on imitation of the bowler’s celebration have now received a surprise.

A boy and girl were recently filmed recreating the bowlers signature salute. The video went viral as it was shared and watched by thousands of fans online. The official handle of the World Cup even tweeted it and rated it 10/10.

Cotterell too was touched by the gesture and tweeted, "It s nice to see so many kids enjoying the cricket and my salute. It would have been an exciting day to watch. I promise they will see me salute a few more times before the end of our tournament."

The kids’ parent then asked where they could get a West Indies jersey with Cottrell’s name on it and the West Indies bowler responded by inviting the two children to the team’s next game against India on Thursday. And he promised to look into getting them a jersey.

Now, his gesture towards the fans is being praised by many online.

Cottrell had explained his celebration saying that it was a military-style salute that he had learned in the Jamaica Defence Force and his celebration was meant to show respect to the force.