Kids cause online outrage for throwing kittens into sea

No animal deserves this.

Facebook user Caroline Claire Grasland shared a now-viral post on Saturday about children who threw two kittens into the sea on a beach in San Narciso, Zambales province.

Their reason? The kittens apparently scratched them.

Grasland said in the post that there were children near the shore holding what they thought were small crabs. They soon learned that they were actually kittens, which the kids — a boy and a girl — threw into the sea.

Grasland said that her sister swam to look for the kittens but the felines already reached a deep part of the sea. Her sister managed to rescue one but its mouth was foaming.

“I immediately got the kitten and let it rest,” she added in the post. “We took him home. And he’s in good hands now.”

Grasland told Coconuts Manila through a Facebook message that the rescued kitten is less than a month old.

In her post, Grasland said that she shared the incident so that the children’s parents can teach their kids what’s right from wrong.

“They are animal pets, they should be loved.. not to be killed,” she said.

“We asked why they did it [and they] said they (the kittens) scratched them,” she recounted in the post in a mix of English and Filipino.

She told Coconuts that her group confronted the kids about it and learned that something even more horrifying happened to other kittens.

“The kids said the other kittens were put in the trash after they were set on fire,” Grasland said.

She added that a parent of one of the kids involved messaged her on Facebook to say that it was an elderly person who set the kittens on fire.

The Facebook post has over 50,000 reactions and 21,000 shares as of this article’s posting. Netizens were outraged by the incident but thanked Grasland for taking action.

Angie Aan said in Filipino: “This is probably what they see from their elders. You have no right to kill, even animals.”

Photo: Caroline Claire Grasland/FB

Jo Hana Las said: “Seriously, even if they are children, I’ll throw them into the sea. They’re just kids but they already don’t have respect for animals. They’re going to grow up like that.”

Photo: Caroline Claire Grasland/FB

Honey Roche said: “They’re heartless. Good thing you were able to see them.. although it’s a shame the other kitten wasn’t found.”

Photo: Caroline Claire Grasland/FB

Joaquico Mendoza Luzviminda said: “Poor kitten! Thank you for saving him.”

Photo: Caroline Claire Grasland/FB

A Facebook user that goes by the name Marcos said: “Let’s not judge the children, maybe their eyes are not yet open to the right way of appreciating life. They’re still kids, they might not be able to study or that’s what they see from their parents.”

Photo: Caroline Claire Grasland/FB

It’s not all bad, though.

On Monday, Grasland posted an update about the rescued kitten, complete with photos of it sleeping soundly.

“His eyes have already opened, he’s makulit (playful) and noisy,” she told Coconuts.

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