This Kid Left Home With Rs 100, Came back With Rs 150 and Four Chickens Instead. Here's Why

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An adorable Twitter thread is attracting the attention of many social media users. In a series of tweets, a user has shared the story of her cute baby cousin.

The tweet starts with an expression of laughter and informs the readers that her cousin was given Rs 100 to take with him to school. The first tweet tells us that the kid returned with Rs 150 and four chicks.

In the subsequent tweets, the story becomes clearer. The kids were buying baby chickens outside their school for Rs 25 each. The cousin saw that a group of kids were scared after buying the chicks and therefore, the kids let them loose.

That upright kid, worried about the chicks on the road, collected them in his bag and ran after the man who was selling the baby chickens. As a reward for his act, the man gave him four chicks and Rs 50.

The tweet also says that in the process of collecting the baby chickens, the kid lost his homework book. The number of chicks rescued remains uncertain as the kid cannot count beyond 14.

In the last tweet, the handle shares that this baby cousin of hers started crying when someone joked about eating the baby chicken. He also realised the same day that the meat which he has always enjoyed eating comes from this bird indeed.

The tweets have attracted quite the attention and the first tweet of the series has been liked over 4,000 times.

In the comment section, many users are leaving positive comments, admiring the innocence of this kid.

Tickling the funny bone with his comment, a user called the kid Chooza saver, which means the saviour of chicks. He said, “Not all heroes wear capes. Some eat botis [meat] too.”

Reacting to the cute story, a user asked the person to post stories of her baby cousin every day.