Target Is Selling Inflatable Pools That Can Fit 3 Adults, So You Can Cool Off All Summer Long

Caitlyn Fitzpatrick
Photo credit: La Vaca

From Good Housekeeping

Move over, kids — you’re not the only ones who get to splash around in an inflatable pool! Last year, Target carried Minnidip adult-sized inflatable pools, and they were a huge hit. They’re back again for 2020, and also available at QVC— with one pattern in particular we think you will go crazy over.

Each pool can hold up to three adults, so it’ll keep you and your friends cool through the summer heat — with a cocktail in hand, of course. It’s 5.5 feet wide and 1.5 feet tall, so it can comfortably fit a few adults and even more kids (but note that they are not recommended for children under age 3). Plus, the pools are so cute that the photo ops will truly be endless.

We know we shouldn’t play favorites, but we absolutely love the light pink option with banana leaves on the bottom of the pool. In addition, there are pools decorated to look like a palm tree and watermelon, as well as a gingham pattern one, with geometric black and white shapes. and one that includes flowers and stripes.

Instagram accounts, including @dailytargetruns, @targetgoodies, and @philippiansfour8, began spotting the pools in Target locations in March. They're available to order online, starting at $42.99 at Target and $38 at QVC. Minnidip also has kids-sized inflatable pools in fun designs, like citrus and black and white spots and stripes, that are 4 feet wide by 1 foot tall for $32.99.

You need a plan B for those days you don’t have a friend’s pool to crash or don’t feel like driving to the beach. Thankfully, you can put the party in your backyard with a Minnidip pool!

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