Kiara Advani On Kabir Singh Criticism: So Much Was Made Out Of The Film, It Was Exhausting

Madhuri V

Shahid Kapoor's 2019 film Kabir Singh, the Hindi remake of Vijay Deverakonda's Arjun Reddy, was a huge blockbuster at the box office. But at the same time, the film also stirred a controversy as a section of audience felt Shahid's character in the film problematic for his behaviour towards women.

In a recent interview with film critic and journalist Anupama Chopra, Kiara Advani, who essayed the role of Preeti, Kabir's love interest in the film, opened up about the criticism and wondered if changing one particular aspect about the film would have helped to tone down the backlash it received.

Would Kiara Advani Take Up A Film Like Kabir Singh Today When She Has More Power To Choose Her Scripts?

To this, Kiara told Anupama Chopra, "Both Shahid and myself were well aware of the film (we were getting into), and everything that we knew would come with it," pointing out at the fact that the film was a remake of Arjun Reddy.

Kiara Advani Reveals Why Playing Preeti Was Difficult For Her

Speaking about how she has never played a character like Preeti, the actress said, "Kabir Singh was probably the hardest of them all, because anyone who knows me knows my thinking," further adding that the film "was so real, and so flawed."

Kiara Advani Reacts To The Backlash Received By The Film

The actress said, "So much was made out of it, and so much backlash happened, it was so exhausting. Anything I do today, Preeti does not leave me."

"As an artiste, the director had his perspective, we had ours, and the audience theirs and that was divided, but I feel you can't disrespect the intelligence of the audience," the actress said in her conversation with Anupama Chopra.

The Actress Feels The Criticism Was Unfair

Kiara explained, "On some level, there were things that were raised in the debate (around the film) that were actually healthy. Somewhere we get really hard on certain films, and I don't know if it was fair to be that hard on this film."

Kiara Reveals What Could Have Been Done Different To Tone Down The Backlash

"Sometimes I wonder had you seen Preeti's life when she goes missing in the second half, maybe there would have been some sort of justification... Maybe had the audience seen what she went through when the separation happened would they have been so hard?..." the actress told Anupama Chopra.

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