Khel Vikas athletes finish the season on a high

Vivek Ramanarayanan


It’s been a busy period for Khel Vikas (KV) Weightlifters’ in this first month of 2015. The lifters participated in six different events and gave their best in all. Overall, the Khel Vikas (KV) athletes won 8 bronze medals and 3 silver medals in all competitions. Aruna Santa is set to represent Odisha in the Open Senior National Weightlifting Championship in March.

In the University National Weightlifting Championship, two KV athletes, Baidehi Majhi and Tukuni Badamundi participated and finished 6th and 7th in the 53kg and 48kg categories respectively. In the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Abhiyan National Weightlifting tournament, 4 out of the 8 KV athletes who participated won medals. Sitamani Hembram and Ashwini Kumar Naik won silver medals, while Puni Raita and Prasanta Badamundi notched up bronze medals.

From 10th-14th of January, KV girls participated in the School National Weightlifting Tournament. Archana Pradhan and Pinki Naik finished third while Sitamani Hembram bagged another silver medal. In the Boys’ School National Weightlifting Championship, Sanatan Mallik bagged a bronze medal amid tough competition.

Sitamani, Archana and Pinki with their national medals with Cormac Whelan. 

The final competition of the month saw 8 KV lifters represent Odisha in the Open Youth and Junior National Weightlifting Championship. Many lifters gave their best and displayed a fighting spirit in what proved to be a tough competition.

Aruna, who is an esteemed international weightlifter, competed in the event just after recovering from a long-term injury and won 2 bronze medals in Snatch, Clean and Jerk. He also won his third bronze medal as the third best lifter in the Open Junior National Weightlifting Championship. 

There has been significant improvement in the results shown by the athletes over these last two years as shown below. Preparation has already started as the athletes aim to win more such medals at all levels and reach new heights for the next competition season.

The graph comparing the performances of the KV lifters in the last two years. 


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