Khadi makes masks with party symbols for local body polls in Thrissur

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Representative Image
Representative Image

Thrissur (Kerala) [India], November 13 (ANI): Ahead of the upcoming local body Polls, Kerala Khadi Industries Association in Thrissur is making masks with Khadi fabric with party symbols to strengthen COVID-19 defence.

According to the Readymade Unit Manager EJ Joju, the production of double layered and single layered masks with the symbols of various parties like Congress, Bharatiya Janata Party, Communist Party of India (Marxist) is going on. Masks are available exclusively on Khadi outlets.

"The mask is made of Khadi muslin fabric. The reason behind choosing the muslin fabric for making the mask is because the heat is low and it can be made in any color, with symbols affixed as required. The manufacture of various coloured shawls to be worn while accepting candidates is also active here," he added.

More than 70,000 masks were made and sold here during the COVID-19 period and more than 30 workers are involved in making the masks. (ANI)