Khaden Hayward, the man behind the success of Coach Hayward!

Alena Rinwi
·2-min read

He is the CEO and founder of Coach Hayward, and is an experienced certified trainer.

Years ago, Khaden had major insecurities about his image which is when he met a coach who helped transform his image within three weeks mainly through exercise. This major transformation helped him to finally become confident, happier and live a fulfilling mental life. Fitness became his mantra, and he became a certified trainer with the aim to help others become confident about their outlook, lose their belly fat without compromising on their diet.

This was not an easy feat for him, since there are so many programs available in the market, and people find it difficult to follow a strict regime to lose weight. It was on his father’s bidding that he designed an easy to follow program for people who work 10-12 hours a day and yet wish to lose their belly fat, without compromising on the foods they love. He designed one such customised program for his dad, and the results were that after four months, working on the program for just thrice a week, and with 20- 30 minutes of exercise, his father lost all the weight, his blood pressure was normal and he felt happier and full of energy. News of a do it yourself, easy to follow program which had zero food restrictions, and a 30 minute exercise routine flew around town. People all around wanted customised programs to help them keep fit, and gain their confidence back and that’s how the journey of Coach Hayward started.

At Coach Hayward, the team follows a strategic approach with the clients, where we destroy old habits and create new ones through mindset coaching. “The focus of our program is sustainability. Here, the clients have an unrestricted diet, slowly leading to zero cravings, a short exercise regime and ultimately being happy with the way they look. All this is done by the clients themselves, and they do not require a trainer, leading them to swing with confidence in their daily routines.” says Khaden. Apart from strengthening the CH brand, Khaden also teaches men and women who are off drugs at the Portage Atlantic, a drug rehabilitation centre on living a healthier lifestyle by proper exercise.

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