Kevin Smith's before-and-after pics show how much weight he has lost since his heart attack

Kevin Smith has made a lot of progress since his massive heart attack in February. Don’t believe us? Just look at the before-and-after photos he posted on Instagram yesterday.

The filmmaker reenacted a photo that was taken of him when he was at his heaviest. But the one big difference is his size. He shared the photos side by side to show how much he’s grown — figuratively. “Years ago, a paparazzo snapped the infamous shot on the left of me wearing my giant jorts at my all-time heaviest,” he captioned the post. In both images he’s squeegeeing his car. “The photo on the right was taken at the same gas station today. I’m very near the goal weight I was told to shoot for after the heart attack,” he wrote proudly. And it shows; the man in the new photo is undeniably slimmer than the one in the old photo. His style has morphed as well; even the jorts have shrunk. He goes on to thank Weight Watchers and other health-and-wellness brands and gurus, including magician Penn Jillette, who lost 100 pounds in three months a few years ago. Smith has expressed that Jillette’s book Presto assisted him in his weight-loss journey.

Kevin Smith. (Photo: Getty Images)

A month ago, the Jay and Silent Bob creator took to Instagram to share the good news that he’d lost 43 pounds since the heart attack. His goal is 50. “This #wwambassador is now at the absolute adult thinnest I’ve been since I finished high school!” Smith wrote. “And while I may look a little better, I FEEL fucking fantastic! It’ll take a few weeks, but I’m ready to lose that final 7 pounds! And when I hit my goal, I’ll let you know where I started…”

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