What is Keto Diet ?

The ketogenic diet has a high fat content, and carbohydrates are very low. It has different health advantages including loss of weight. A keto diet not only allows you to lose weight, it also improves your health overall.

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A keto diet is a medium protein diet that is low in fat and carbonated. You can minimise and substitute your carb intake with fats. This throws the body into the physiological state of ketosis.

This is a process which starts with a keto diet. Your body begins to run out of fuel carbohydrates and so begins to burn energy fats to create ketones. These ketones then act as the fuel of your body and provide some amazing benefits like.

Helps in Weight Loss

Most people who want to lose weight use the ketogenic diet. It is difficult to adopt, but it provides various advantages including loss of weight. Different research has shown that weight loss is facilitated when the body gets into ketosis due to this diet, ketogenic diet is substantially better than a low fat diet. You can quickly lose weight without keeping track of the calories you eat.

Controls Diabetes

Diabetes is actually a widespread concern, with many people in the pre-diabetic stage. These are caused by changes in metabolism, insulin sensitivity and rise in blood sugar levels. A ketogenic diet helps minimise weight, which is the reason for type 2 diabetes, prediabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Controls PCOS

PCOS is a very common disease for women worldwide. PCOS is very common among women. The ketogenic diet can be extremely helpful in reducing the levels of insulin that are necessary for PCOS.

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