Kerala's lone BJP MLA backs Assembly resolution against farm laws

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In an unusual political situation emerging from Kerala, the only BJP Member of the Legislative Assembly backed the resolution passed in the assembly on Thursday seeking withdrawal of the three contentious farm laws. When the resolution was brought up for discussion, BJP MLA O Rajagopal from Nemom defended certain aspects of the farm laws, however he did not ask for division of votes while the voting for the resolution was underway. But while he addressed the press after the session, he expressed his support for the resolution.

While speaking at a press conference post the special assembly session, O Rajagopal said while he abstained from voting in favour of the resolution but made it clear that he was in favour of it. He added that he only had objections against certain words in the resolution. Rajagopal is the senior most BJP leader in the state with whom the saffron party opened its account in the assembly from the Nemom constituency in Thiruvananthapuram.

The Special  Assembly session which was held on Thursday morning passed a resolution seeking withdrawal of the farm laws.

Kerala Assembly passes resolution seeking withdrawal of farm laws

Inside the assembly, O Rajagopai said, “"The farm laws are aimed at protecting farmers, and enable them to sell their produce anywhere in the country without the intervention of middle men.”

However, in the press meet after the session concluded, Rajagopal said, “I accept the assembly consensus, is that not what being democratic is about? I have disagreements with some parts of the resolution, which I have pointed out in the assembly. But I back the final conclusion. It's not fair for me to oppose the state's stand just because I am a BJP person,” he said.

When asked if he agreed with the resolution that sought to withdraw the farm laws, his reply was 'absolutely'.

"There won’t be an issue airing my opinion,'' was his reply when asked if there would be a controversy over a senior BJP MLA backing withdrawal of the law. He also added that the reason why he didn’t vote for the resolution is because he did not want it to be interpreted as him going against the party.

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