Kerala Woman 'Missing' For 11 Years Found Living Secretly Next Door With Lover

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A woman in Kerala’s Palakkad’s Ayalur village, who went missing 11 years ago, has been found living just 500 metres from her parent’s home with her lover. Sajitha, who left home as an 18-year-old, was found after the family of 34-year-old Alinchuvattil Rahman, lodged a complaint when he went missing three months ago. Rahman’s elder brother Basheer spotted him on road Tuesday, which then led to them finding Rahman and Sajitha living on rent in another village. After police produced them before a local court, they were allowed to live together as Sajith said she wanted to live with Rahman. According to Nenmara Police Station House Officer Deepa Kumar A, the couple had to hide their relationship in fear of backlash since they belonged to different religions. The couple was taken to Rahman’s house and they told how Sajitha had lived secretly in a single room for all these years. Sajitha had left home in February 2010, walked into Rahman’s house, and was not found all these years. She did not keep a mobile phone at that time and all the search attempts by the police back then failed. According to Kumar, nobody had any idea about their affair since usually, both the persons go missing when it comes to elopement.

According to Basheer, Rahman lived in a separate room and never let anyone inside. His parents too never bothered him since he is considered a hot-headed person.

Speaking to News18, the SHO said, “After Sajitha eloped, they started living together in the room. There were four other people in the house including Rehman’s parents, sister and nephew. Rehman used to get violent if anyone tried to go near his room or enter. Gradually, the other members started avoiding this getting near his room. Many times, he would not even go to work and used to take food inside the room.”

According to Ayalur panchayat member and a neighbour of Rahman’s parents Pushpakaran, Rahman was considered an introvert and people also suspected that he had mental issues. He said that Rahman had removed a few bars from the window of his room that enabled Sajitha to go out during the night since there was no attached toilet.

All these years, Sajitha was able to keep herself entertained with the help of a small TV. It is still unclear why she finally left the house three months back. On the same day, Rahman picked up a quarrel at home, stomped out, and started living with her in another village where they were found.

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