Kerala Violence: RSS Cadres Protest in Ludhiana & Hyderabad

In a textbook case of rising political violence in Kerala, three CPI(M) activists were attacked in Palakkad district late on Thursday night. Shortly after the attack on left cadres, an RSS office in Kozhikode was bombed by unidentified men. An FIR has been registered by left, which claims that BJP and its affiliates were behind the late-night hacking of CPI(M) cadres.

Meanwhile, RSS workers launched protests in Hyderabad and Ludhiana, where they condemned the the left for allegedly creating an atmosphere of violence against Sangh workers in Kerala.

The gory developments come after Kundan Chandrawat, an RSS worker in Ujjain, placed a bounty of Rs one crore on Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan’s head. Even as Chandrawat later labeled his statements as personal, the RSS distanced itself from such fiery remarks.

Video Editor: Mohd Ibrahim