Kerala University transwoman student gets separate stay after requesting

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) [India], Dec 1 (ANI): The Kerala University on Sunday gave a transwoman student a separate quarter to live after the student approached the college authorities to change his room from men's hostel.

Ahlad, a 22-year-old Post Graduate student, approached the college authorities to get his room changed from men's hostel with a revelation of the identity as 'Transwoman'.

Unable to accommodate the student in men's and women's hostel, the Vice-Chancellor gave permission to give separate quarter in teachers' hostel for Ahlad, who has added as 'Manusha' as a prefix to the name.

"I was finding it very difficult to live in the men's hostel. I faced with an identity crisis all my life; I realised that I have to open up to society regarding my true identity. That's when I revealed to my friends and teachers that I am a transwoman. They gave me all the moral support and I approached the Vice-Chancellor with a letter requesting them to provide me with new accommodation," Manusha Ahlad, a second-year MA Political Science student told ANI.

A native of Kozhencherry in Pathanamthitta, Manusha said "I was doing a research paper on transgenders and transwomen and during the time, I approached many experts with questions. I realised that all those questions about transwoman were coming from within me. I approached a doctor who was an expert on this. After the consultation, I mustered the courage to open up."

"The University has a gender policy which made things easier for college authorities when the student came out with the identity. Such youngsters silently suffer and do not open up out of fear. When Ahlad discussed with us we gave him all the moral support. College authorities gave a separate quarter after getting permission from Vice-Chancellor," said Dr Anu Unni, Assistant Professor, Political Science Department. (ANI)