Kerala 'Serial Killer' Jolly Tried to Poison Two More Kids: Police

Kozhikode Rural SP KG Simon on Tuesday, 8 October, informed the media that there could have been more deaths in the Kerala serial killings case, where one Jolly Joseph allegedly killed six of her family members over the course of more than a decade, The News Minute reported.

Simon said that Jolly, apart from the six family members she killed, had also targeted two children in the family. The SP said that while the kids also showed signs of similar symptoms as the dead, they manged to survive. According to the report, the two kids had shown symptoms of seizure and apnea.

He did not give out any further details apart from the fact that the two children were part of her extended family.

Between 2002 and 2016, Jolly allegedly killed six using cyanide, including a one-year-old child. As each murder went undetected, her confidence increased, the officer added.

While initial reports said these murders were carried out for property, the police are now saying that each murder had its own motive and she even managed to get other family members to join her in these murders.

(With inputs from The News Minute)

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