Kerala: Rape-survivor, accused falsely, represents self in court, wins

Shalini Ojha

Kerala: Rape-survivor, accused falsely, represents self in court, wins

18 Jul 2018: Kerala: Rape-survivor, accused falsely, represents self in court, wins

In a show of courage, a 30-year-old rape survivor fought her own case and the Kerala High Court ruled in her favor.

The survivor was falsely accused by a man, who she claimed worked for her rapist.

Notably, the court observed glaring differences in the complaint lodged by the man and the doctors' report.

Here are the finer details about the case.

The case: Rape survivor allegedly slapped man, he filed police complaint

Last year, a case against was registered against this rape survivor, a doctor by profession, on the complaint of a 34-year-old Rajeesh Babu.

He alleged the survivor slapped him and called him 'bas***d' after parking her car on the road.

This incident allegedly happened in the presence of police officials. A case was also registered against Babu and his accomplices for obstructing the doctor.

Fact: Rape accused wanted to stop survivor from attending proceedings

On her part, the survivor claimed the case was false and one of the many tricks used by the accused to stop her from attending court proceedings in the rape case. She alleged she was approached by the accused's men and was told to 'settle the case'.

The hearing: 'Bas***d' is not obscene, court tells in judgement

Justice K Abraham Mathew in his judgement observed differences in Rajeesh Babu's statement and doctors' report.

While Babu alleged he was slapped on right cheek, doctors said both sides of the face were tender. The court also noticed police personnel who were allegedly at the spot weren't named as witnesses.

Further, the court said 'bas***d' can't be obscene by any stretch of the imagination.

The relief: No one could have told my story better, says victim

Relieved over the judgement, the survivor said she forgot to mention two points in her nervousness.

When asked about why she represented herself in open court, she said, "Nobody can present facts correlating with documents and evidence better than the one who experienced it."

Further, the victim alleged social justice department didn't help her. She said such bodies were for namesake and non-functional.