Kerala: Over 6000 deaths data discrepancy provoked the RTI; 19584 deaths registered on the ground

Thiruvananthapuram: As of June 30, 2021, Kerala's official Covid toll put out by the state health department has failed to include over 6000 covid-19 deaths that have been duly certified by doctors on the ground, pointing to a disturbing discrepancy between registered Covid deaths and declared Covid deaths. RTI revealed that the state reported 13,235 Covid deaths till June 2021 as against 19,584 Covid deaths registered by the local bodies as per the office of the chief registrar (birth and death), showing a glaring mismatch of 6,349 deaths. M Ramankutty, the chief registrar, said that the cause of death is recorded as Covid19 based on the reports received by the medical officer.

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