Kerala Nun Case: Mohanlal First Loses Cool With Reporter, Then Apologises


Malayalam actor Mohanlal apologised in a Facebook post on Sunday for reacting harshly to a reporter who asked him for his opinion on the protest being held by nuns in Kerala demanding the arrest of Jalandhar bishop Franco Mulakkal.

The actor, who was holding a press conference on Saturday on the activities his welfare trust had undertaken for Kerala flood relief, had asked the reporter, "Aren't you ashamed to ask this unnecessary question at such a time?"

In his post, Mohanlal said that the question was certainly relevant as it was one of the most-discussed issues in Kerala currently, but said he was not in a state at the time to answer it.

He also asked the unnamed journalist, whose face he said he could not remember, to forgive him for any hurt he may have caused and to think of it as a comment from an elder brother.

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