Kerala man dedicates 6 years to sculpt 58-foot tall Shiva structure

Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala), Jan 02 (ANI): Kerala's biggest Shiva sculpture was unveiled for public on 21 December 2020. It has constructed in the Cliff of Azhimala beach where Shiva temple is located. The mesmerising sculpture is 58 feet tall. Visitors are flocking the beach to watch the marvelous structure. It took six years to complete the gigantic statue. Devadathan, the man behind the beautiful sculpture is only 29 years old. He had started the work at the age of 23. He continued the work of the sculpture along with his graduation in fine arts. A native of Azhimala, Devadathan spends more of his free time at the beach. The temple administration committee has given full freedom to him to construct the sculpture and the chief priest had given all support and suggestions to complete it.