Kerala man Abu Tahir, who allegedly joined Al-Qaeda, killed in US attack in Syria

Namrata Tripathi
Kerala man Abu Tahir, who allegedly joined Al-Qaeda, killed in US attack in Syria

A man from Kerala named Abu Tahir, who had allegedly joined the Al-Qaeda militant group, was reportedly killed in a US attack in Syria.

A relative of Tahir in Sharjah received the message of his death on April 4, according to ANI.

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Reports state that Tahir had gone to perform Umrah in 2013 and had been missing since then.

United States forces are battling militant groups like Islamic State (ISIS) and Al-Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. 

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There are also reports of death of another youth from Kerala who had allegedly joined ISIS last year. Reports state that Bestin Vincent has been killed in a battle with American forces in Afghanistan. 

BC Rehman, a close relative of Mohammad Hafeezuddin who was killed in a drone attack earlier this year, reportedly received a message on WhatsApp about the death of Bestin Vincent. The message was sent by Ashfak Majeed, who is also absconding, according to The Hindu.

"Yahya (Bestin), whom you all consider a Jew have become martyr Inshaallah. It was in frontline of war against American Kufrs (Infidels)," the WhatsApp message read.

Vincent, a Christian youth, converted to Islam along with his wife Merrin, and changed his name to Yahya. Vincent, his wife and 10 others had fled to Khorasan province of Afghanistan last year. The region is controlled by ISIS. 

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