Kerala Love Jihad Case: SC Verdict Cements Our Resolve to be Together, Says Hadiya's Husband
Hadiya's Husband Shafin Jahan said that he is happy that Hadiya got the news from him first. "It’s a different feeling altogether, experiencing this moment. Her happiness knew no bounds."

New Delhi: Shafin Jahan is a happy man. As the Supreme Court on Thursday struck down the Kerala High Court order that annulled his marriage to Hadiya, he couldn’t wait to speak to his wife.

“But you can only call after 4:30pm. So, I waited patiently. When I finally got her on the phone, it was the happiest moment,” he told News18. Hadiya is currently pursuing her studies at a college in Salem after the court last year allowed her to finish her homeopathy course.

Cut to Thursday, the Supreme Court set aside the Kerala HC order annulling the marriage of Hadiya in Kerala 'love jihad' case and said that she can’t be in anyone’s custody and that she was free to follow her pursuits.

Hadiya got to know the development from Shafin, something that he is extremely happy about. “I am so happy that she got the news from me first. It’s a different feeling altogether, experiencing this moment. Her happiness knew no bounds. We’ve come a long way; it’s not a struggle that started yesterday or the day before. This judgment has only cemented our resolve to be together,” he said.

As the court first let his wife continue her studies and now struck down the order of annulment, Jahan said that truth was prevailing, one step at a time and it was worth the wait and struggle.

Mending ties with Hadiya’s father, Asokan, is something that he wants to do in the near future. Speaking to News18 after the verdict, Ashokan said that he was happy with the judgment on letting the NIA probe continue but still believes that the court has not taken into account all aspects of the case.

Jahan, however, said that there will come a time when his father-in-law will accept him openly.

“There is a strong rumour about him being under the influence of RSS. But I am sure he will come to accept me and our marriage. We will wait for that day,” said Jahan.

During the course of the SC hearing, Hadiya has maintained that she voluntarily wanted to be with her husband Shafin Jahan. In January, when Supreme Court Justice Chandrachud asked her about her dreams for the future, she said, "I want freedom."

The Kerala HC had annulled Hadiya’s marriage to Jahan in May 2017 and gave her custody to her parents.

The SC, in January 2018, had said that it is only Hadiya herself, who has the rights to decide on her choices.