Kerala Lottery Result Today: Akshaya AK-368 Today Lottery Result LIVE Now

Simran Kashyap

Thiruvananthapuram, Nov 7: The Kerala Lottery Result Today Akshaya AK-368 Today Lottery Result has been declared. The results are available on the official website.

The live results began at 3 pm and the full result was made available at 4 pm today. The first prize is Rs 60 lakh. The draw was conducted by the Kerala Lottery Department at Shree Chithra Home Auditorium using a lottery machine. The prize of the ticket is Rs 30.

The second prize is Rs 500,000 and the third is Rs 100,000. There is a consolation prize of Rs 8,000.

The prize winners are advised to verify the winning numbers with the Kerala lottery results published in the Kerala government Gazette surrender the winning tickets within 30 days. Winning holder get after the deduction of 07 % plus 10% total 40% deduction.

The first prize is Rs 65 lakh.To check the winning number go to

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