Kerala’s Jatayupara Earth Center: World’s largest functional bird statue is a tribute to nature’s splendour and women’s safety

Swapna Raghu Sanand
Jatayu Earth Center, kerala must visit,

Ever heard of Kerala’s ‘Jatayupara’? Most travelers to Kerala are known to head to popular destinations such as Kovalam, Kumarakom, Munnar, Alapuzha, among others. Not many people are familiar with Jatayupara Earths Center built by film maker and sculptor Rajiv Anchal. It is said that the famed Jatayu bird fell on this rock when injured and it is here that the giant bird statue has been built in honour of the courage displayed at a crucial time. Interestingly, there is also a pond near the rock that is said to have been formed by the stroke of Jatayu’s beak. For travelers, there is much to explore and be excited about. So, get a closer look at what other aspects of Jatayu Earths Center makes it so unique.

Located fifty kilometres away from the Trivandrum airport, the Jatayupara Earths Center is Kerala’s unique tourism project, which marks the first joint effort by the Kerala tourism department and film maker and sculptor Rajiv Anchal, with private equity holders to create a unique eco-tourism destination spanning 65 acres of multi-terrain landscape located in Kollam district.

With diverse geographic features such as hills, valleys, rugged caves and cultivable lands, Jatayupara Earths Center presents to the world an outstanding example of sustainable eco-tourism. To promote organic farming, a planned agricultural society has been formed and there are special stalls from where visitors can buy fresh products from farms.

The first impression of ‘Jatayupara’ is that of a colossal statue that is 200 feet long, 70 feet tall and 150 feet wide. More importantly, this giant concrete structure makes Kerala’s Jatayupara the largest functional statue of a bird in the world, with an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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For travelers, there are more reasons to visit Jatayupara. For instance, the statue accommodates 15,000 square feet of utility space inside its functional sculpture. Inside the wing of the Jatayu sculpture, a multi-dimension mini-theatre is functional. On the hill top, a rain water reservoir has been built, with a storage capacity of 1.5 million litres of water. A distinctive feature of Jatayupara is the integrated paint ball station, which is spread out across a lush green natural terrain.

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A major attraction is the cable car facility which ensures that travelers can enjoy the breathtaking view of the winding valleys and hills through a fully glass-covered cabin and savour the panoramic view of the Jatayupara’s natural rugged terrain and splendour.

A temple of Lord Rama, with mythical markings, is located in a fenced area at the hilltop.

In the Ramayana, Jatayu is revered as an embodiment of courage, fearlessness and chivalry, as he risked his life to save Sita from her captor.

Kerala’s ‘Jatayupara’ is also a towering tribute to Nature, sustainable eco-tourism and women’s safety. It also symbolises a bygone era when all beings – birds, animals, people – cared for each other’s well being and functioned in harmony with Nature’s ecosystem.