Kerala Homeless Man Waves Away Cops Approaching Him with Food, Ensures Social Distancing


Thiruvananthapuram: A touching video of three policemen in Kerala offering food to a homeless man, while the latter tries to ensure social distancing in times of coronavirus has surfaced online.

The incident happened at Perambra in Kozhikode district on April 8. The visuals, taken from the close-circuit camera of a shop, show the three policemen entering a bylane where they spot a man lying in front of a shop.

The policemen who have their faces covered in masks ask the poor man through gesture if he has eaten and he responds in the negative. After talking to one another, the officers leave the lane and come back with a packet of food and bottle of water.

As one of them moves forward to give the homeless man his food, the latter stops him, draws a circle with a stone and asks him to leave the food there. The policeman keeps the food and water as told and the homeless man takes the same while covering his mouth with his shirt.

The policemen were identified Perambra Sub Inspector Rahoof Pk and civil police officers Sreejith and Basheer. The officers were on patrol duty when they came across the homeless man.

"The officers went to the bylanes to check if there is anyone on the road and on seeing this homeless man who did not have any food, SI offered his own food that was kept in the van. This CCTV footage must have been shared on social media by the people of the shop," said an officer from Perambra PS.