How Kerala High Court Got it Wrong in the Hadiya 'Love Jihad' Case
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    It is a high disappointment in the minds of the Indian public that judiciary can differ so widely?
    There is a gross misjudgement on the part of high court judges, and is highly regrettable. The law books are the same and the law books are more than 100 years old , the judgements cannot be tied to their own views.It has to reflect the proper sentiments of the people.
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    then what is wrong in the subject of law courses studied by hc judges and sc judges? stop all ;lower courts and take all cases to Sc directly if hc s are errant in verdicts
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    While I just cannot understand why a woman (or anyone for that matter) would want to convert to such a controlling religion like Islam, she as an adult individual has the right to choose whoever she wants to be with. I understand that the parents are disappointed (so am I), but we live in a free society, where our decisions may not please everyone, but as long as they are within the law, people have to accept it. I am surprised at the stupidity of the Kerala High Court. Just like in the case of the cricketer Sreesanth. Again the Kerala High Court withdrew his life ban only for the Supreme Court to re-instate it. Cut down on the coconut oil.