Kerala Health Minister KK Shailaja On Vogue's 'Women of 2020' Cover For Fight Against Covid-19

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Kerala's Health Minister K K Shailaja is on the cover of Vogue India.

The Indian edition of fashion and lifestyle magazine Vogue paid tribute to K K Shailaja 'Teacher', Kerala Health Minister who made headlines for her work in response to the Coronavirus pandemic, and featured her on their list of 'Women of 2020'.

The November edition of Vogue lauded the steadfast efforts of the Kerala Health, Social Justice and Woman and Child Development Minister for her swift action along with Kerala Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, and their coordinated efforts had brought down cases in Kerala to almost zero at a time.

After handling the outbreak of the Nipah virus in 2018, Shailaja's prescient action to combat the coronavirus, earned her the title ‘The Coronavirus Slayer’.

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Early this year in June, the United Nations had honoured Shailaja for Kerala's effective management of the pandemic. Cutting to November 2020, she is still considered one of the few world woman leaders, who had accurately responded to the outbreak of the global pandemic, reports Vogue.

To honour Shailaja's sturdy stand, which is "more than fear" and all about the "enthusiasm to get involved", Vogue has even changed its Twitter display picture to Shailaja featuring on their cover page.

"There's no time to be scared. More than fear, I feel the enthusiasm to get involved," Shailaja said.

Taking to Twitter, netizens were elated to find the corona warrior being honored by Vogue's Women of the Year for her 'cohesive leadership and systematic approach' towards the pandemic.

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However, the 'Teacher' is extremely strict with herself. As the pandemic rages on, the frontline leader follows Covid-19 norms to a T - wearing a mask even in her office, maintaining 2-metre distance in meetings and isolating herself properly whenever needed.

Her long day begins at 6 am, when she wakes up. During daily meetings with the health secretary and health director held in person, Shailaja practises social distancing. Meetings with the district authorities are conducted online after 7 pm and can go on till 10 pm.

In an interview with Indian Express earlier, Shailaja gave a glimpse about a day in the extremely tight-scheduled life of the health minister.