Kerala, Delhi police spin net for gangster facing 70 cases

Mahender Singh Manral, Shaju Philip
Satyaprakash was arrested last week from Shahdara

Satyaprakash alias Satte (41) was last on the Delhi Police radar after he killed his rival Sonu Chikhna and declared his intention to kill a sub-inspector, who had arrested him in 2009 after a shootout at Green Park.

A gangster suspected to be involved in around 70 criminal cases, including murder, extortion and dacoity, Satyaprakash was arrested last week from Shahdara by the Kerala Police, who had the assistance of Delhi Police.

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun, Satyaprakash got out on bail in January and started operating a gambling racket in several areas of Shahdara.

His name also surfaced when he and his gang members allegedly committed seven robberies at Kollam, Kerala, within four hours on September 28. During investigation, police found that two bike-borne persons wearing helmets had threatened victims at gunpoint and forced them to hand over gold ornaments.

“Before robbing people, the gang stole a two-wheeler from the premises of a railway station. They then removed the number plate. Although it was initially believed the gang used a pistol to threaten people, police later found that they only carried a battery-operated drilling machine. Using CCTV footage, police found that the robbers got into a Scorpio registered in Satyaprakash’s name,” a senior officer said.

On October 4, Kerala Police reached Shahdara and, with

help from Delhi Police, laid a trap in a workshop from where Satyaprakash was arrested and the Scorpio recovered.

“We have arrested him under the Arms Act after we recovered an illegal weapon from his possession. Kerala Police later applied for his transit remand and took him into their custody,” said DCP (Shahdara) Amit Sharma.

Satyaprakash’s criminal dossier, accessed by The Indian Express, shows that he entered the world of crime when he was a juvenile and started pickpocketing. His father, who suffers from leprosy, ran a grocery store in Nand Nagri and lived at the leprosy colony at Tahirpur village. He dropped out of school in class II.

“In 1998, he was arrested for the first time from I P Estate area on charges of robbery and was sent to Tihar Jail. After coming out, he formed his gang and committed several robberies in Delhi and Ghaziabad,” an officer said.

Till date, 70 cases of murder, robbery, dacoity and attempt to murder have been registered against him at police stations in Delhi-NCR.

“He became more active after his rival gangster Dinesh Giri was killed by Noida Police in an encounter in 2006. He started taking protection money after Giri’s death from petty criminals, giving them shelter in return. His gang also started targeting cash vans and banks,” an officer said.

Satyaprakash’s gang had more than 25 members, mostly from Western UP. Most are hardened criminals who carry sophisticated weapons, including foreign-made pistols.

“On January 19, 2009, he and his associates were stopped by the South district police in Green Park when they were coming from Rajasthan. A shootout ensued in broad daylight and he, along with three of his associates, were injured. Three police personnel also sustained injuries. He was in jail and become close friends with notorious criminal Sunil Rathi, who killed Munna Bajrangi in Baghpat Jail last year. He was in jail for around seven years and came on bail in May 2015,” the officer said, adding that he then allegedly executed a series of robberies followed by the murder of a friend-turned-foe Sonu Chikna in Nand Nagri in 2015.

Police said Satyaprakash married twice and both his wives stay with him at Nand Nagri. His second wife was arrested with him for allegedly killing Sonu and she was allegedly operating his gang after coming out on bail.

“After coming out of jail this year, two businessmen had gifted two Scorpio cars to Satyaprakash. He also owns several properties in UP,” the officer added.