Kerala couple who plunged to death from Yosemite cliff while taking selfie were drunk, reveals autopsy

Vishnu and Meenakshi documented their adventures in a blog called 'Holidays and happily ever afters'.

The Kerala couple who died after slipping off the Taft Point, a 3500-ft scenic spot overlooking the Yosemite Valley in California in October were drunk, an autopsy has revealed, according to a report published by the Daily Mail.

A toxicology report from Stanislaus Country Coroner’s office showed that the couple were "intoxicated with ethyl alcohol prior to death."

Vishnu Viswanath (29) and his wife Meenakshi Moorthy died of multiple injuries to the head, neck, chest and abdomen, the report said. Read in Malayalam

Though a forensic pathologist confirmed no drugs were present in their bodies, laboratory tests found the same element used in common alcoholic beverages beer, wine, hard liquor were present.

"We can only conclude that they had consumed alcohol but it is unknown to what level of intoxication," Sung-Ook Baik was quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.

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The couple, who were IT professionals, got married four years ago and had moved to the US for employment. Both were avid travellers and maintained a website and an Instagram page to chronicle their adventures.

Viswanath and Moorthy were from Kannur and Kottayam districts, respectively. They studied at the College of Engineering in Chengannur and graduated with a degree in computer science in 2010. Viswanath's LinkedIn page stated that he was employed with Cisco Systems in the US.

Viswanath’s brother Jishnu Viswanath, had told the Associated Press that they had set up their tripod near the ledge when they plummeted to their deaths.