Kerala cop collapses while singing on stage, dies, on the eve of daughter’s wedding

It happened in seconds – a house brimming with wedding festivities was suddenly gripped by tragedy when P Vishnuprasad, a Sub-Inspector in Thiruvananthapuram, collapsed midway while singing on stage. It was the eve of his youngest daughter’s wedding, and while the 55-year-old was rushed to hospital immediately after, he could not be saved. He passed away around 9.30 pm on Saturday, in Neendakara in Kollam district.

Vishnuprasad was singing ‘Raakili Ponmagale’ – a song sung by a father for his daughter in the Mammootty-starrer Amaram. While the live orchestra played along, the father was tapping his foot and swaying to the tunes, when suddenly, he collapsed to the right. According to police sources, Vishnuprasad was brought dead and had suffered a suspected cardiac arrest.

However, only his immediate family members knew what has happened – and they decided not to tell his daughter and go ahead with the wedding on Sunday – as Vishnuprasad had planned and would have wanted.

The immediate family members decided not to inform the bride, Archa, and Vishnuprasad's wife about his untimely death. They were told that he was recovering in the hospital. On Sunday morning, even as Archa was getting decked up in her bridal outfit and jewellery, she was enquiring about her father, who was nowhere to be seen. She was told that he would be with her soon.

Archa got married to her groom, Vishnuprasad, who shares the same name as her father. The duo got married at Durgadevi temple in Kollam. She bid farewell to her family to go to her husband’s house. Even then, the family members did not inform her.

It was only on Monday, the day of Vishnuprasad’s funeral that the family broke the news of her father’s death. Vishnuprasad will be cremated on Monday evening.

Disclaimer: Trigger warning. Watch video with caution

Vishnuprasad was the sub-inspector at the Karamana police station in Thiruvananthapuram. He reportedly had only one more year of service remaining. He is survived by wife Sushma, and children Archa, Anuprasad, and Aryaprasad.

Expressing grief over the late cop’s death, Pinarayi Vijayan, the Chief Minister of Kerala, said, “I deeply condole the death of sub-inspector Vishnuprasad. It is extremely sad to learn that he collapsed while singing on the eve of his daughter’s wedding. I extend my condolences to his family members and relatives.”