Kenyan Woman Who Lied About Racial Attack to Be Deported

The Kenyan national had said that she was pulled out of a cab and assaulted in Greater Noida. 

Uttar Pradesh Police has initiated steps to deport the Kenyan woman who had lied about facing a racial attack in Greater Noida as her student visa had expired.

Dharmindra Singh, SSP “Maria Burendi’s student visa had expired a long time back. We are initiating proceedings to deport her.” 

Burendi was studying business management at Mahatma Gandhi University in New Delhi. She had shifted to Greater Noida recently and was seeking admission to Noida International University.

The Kenyan national had alleged that she was pulled out of a cab and assaulted in Greater Noida. Her complaint came in the wake of racial attacks on Africans by residents of Greater Noida. Later, her allegations were found to be false.

Meanwhile, colleges in Greater Noida have told police that 112 foreign students who had failed in their exams some time ago were no longer traceable.

The institutions have been directed to provide details of their foreign students, including their visa details.