Kentucky Junior High School Teacher’s Impressive Dance Moves Take Over the Internet, Students Are in Love With His Viral TikTok Videos

Team Latestly

We have been blessed with the internet giving us so many memories that we are surely going to relish forever. Over time, we came across videos that showed school and college teachers, dancing their heart out to keep their students motivated in the classroom. It is surely an impressive way to keep the kids engaged. In a bid to promote the trend, now a Kentucky junior high school teacher has gone viral, for his super cool dance moves on TikTok. Yes, the video-sharing app has got many videos of the teacher, dancing and recording himself inside the classroom. His viral TikTok clips have taken over the internet and students are in love with his fantastic dance skills. ‘Dancing in Classroom’: Odisha Teacher Wins Heart With His Unique Teaching Style. 

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Identified as Craig Smith, the 52-year-old is a junior high school teacher at Oldham County Middle School in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. The teacher was quoted in media reports as saying, “I have actually constantly attempted to remain in touch with existing fads.” He added, “I really only did this to help my relationship with my students.” Smith’s outstanding dance actions have moved the social networks application, including his students.

Watch Compilation of His Viral TikTok Videos:

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His moves are honestly super cool! We have had videos of teachers dancing in the classroom, creating a friendly atmosphere among students. Last year, Cape Town school teacher and students cool dance moves had gone viral, inspiring many people online to shake their legs a bit. We need more such teachers to increase their bond with students.