Kendrick Lamar Gets Flak (and Praise) for Buying Sister a Toyota Camry

Abby West
Senior Editor
Kendrick Lamar stayed true to his persona and gave his sister a practical car instead of a luxury one. (Photo: Simone Joyner/Getty Images)

Lest you think “Humble” is nothing more than the title of a track by Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar, note the very practical and economical car he gave his little sister for her high school graduation. During the weekend, Kayla Duckworth shared photos on Twitter and Instagram thanking her rap-star brother for her new whip: a 2017 Toyota Camry.

While Duckworth let it be known that she was extremely thankful, some of Lamar’s fans felt her big bro should have loosened the purse strings and splurged on a luxury vehicle for the teen.

But many others praised Lamar — whose latest album, Damn, has had the biggest debut of 2017 so far, with more than 600,000 albums sold in the first week — citing his “fiscal responsibility.”

Of course, the folks at Toyota agreed he made an excellent choice. They told TMZ that it was “more ‘smart and thoughtful’ than cheap,” and the fact it was made in the USA didn’t hurt, either.

Lamar, 29, did attend the graduation, to the delight and seeming distress of some, but he made sure he kept the focus on his sister.


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