Did Kendall Jenner shade country star Kacey Musgraves with latest lingerie pic? And why?

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

The latest installment of “guess the celebrity beef” took a truly unexpected turn this week, when two seemingly unrelated stars got into a social media tiffle on Thursday.

Kendall Jenner started things off by posting what seems to be a business-as-usual photo on Instagram, posing in her skivvies on an urban patio. A closer look, however, shows that a poster on one of the background buildings has been blurred out.

As it turns out, the poster is a promo for country star Kacey Musgraves’s critically acclaimed new album, Golden Hour, which dropped March 30. If you aren’t familiar with her work, you might not have noticed this. But plenty of fans are familiar and had no problem ID’ing the fuzzy image.

To admirers of both women, the apparent shade came as a surprise — there is no history of bad blood between Jenner and Musgraves (or, to be exact, any connection between them at all).

Musgraves herself, who is not known for being reticent, reposted the altered image in her Instagram Stories, adding her own touch: The photo had Jenner’s face blurred out. (She has since deleted that particular image.)

Photo: Kacey Musgraves via Instagram

Predictably, response on social media ranged from amused to indignant.

Still, a question remains… If Jenner has zero relationship with Musgraves, then why? Possible theories: Jenner didn’t want any competition for her own pretty face in the photo. Some fans suggested there was some tangled-up connection involving the fact that Jenner once dated Harry Styles, whom Musgraves will be touring with this summer.

Or perhaps — more plausibly — Jenner simply wasn’t interested in giving free advertising/endorsement to Musgraves’s new album.  (The Jenners are worth mucho bucks in terms of social media influence.)

However, Jenner quickly addressed Blurgate Friday morning. She didn’t give a reason for the alteration but merely explained that she had nothing to do with altering the photo and that she actually is a huge Musgraves fan.

Musgraves didn’t respond as of posting time. Her Instagram Stories moved on from the Jenner photo to her own daily life activities, showing off her beauty routines while traveling in her tour bus.

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