Kejriwal Asks Centre to Scrap Order Requiring Covid-19 Patients to Visit Govt Facility for Assessment

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Wednesday requested the Centre to withdraw a new system requiring assessment of every COVID-19 patient at a government-run facility, saying the order is "not correct".

The chief minister said that if the administration and police forcibly take patients to COVID care centres for their clinical assessment, it will be like their detention for 15 days.

"The Delhi government, Centre and other organisations have been working in cooperation with each other. I request the Centre to roll back the order," Kejriwal told reporters during a visit at a banquet hall-turned-COVID care facility.

If a COVID-19 patient has a fever of 103 F, he will also have to stand in long queues at government-run centres under the new system, Kejriwal said, asking whether a system should work like this.