Two Illegal Slaughterhouses Shut in UP, Many More to Follow

Closing down of slaughterhouses in the state was one of the poll promises of the BJP before the 2017 elections.

Officials from the Allahabad Nagar Nigam on Monday shut two slaughterhouses a day after Yogi Adityanath took oath as the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister.

Sources said on Wednesday that the CM has directed police officials to prepare an action plan that will enable the shutting down of all slaughter houses and to put a complete ban on cow smuggling.

BJP President Amit Shah had on Friday asserted the party aims to take up the issue seriously. “Uttar Pradesh will be on the map of developed states of the country. We will wipe the BIMARU tag from the state,” he had assured.

In his second meeting with his cabinet on Monday, Adityanath is also expected to send out directives about the same.

Owners of several mechanised abattoirs have expressed their discontentment with the move, asserting that it will “cripple meat exports from Uttar Pradesh,” The Economic Times reported.

“The election was first (based) on development, but BJP digressed to polarisation and said it will close all slaughterhouses in UP. We only hope it was just an election bayanbazi…how can you close duly registered abattoirs? We deal in buffalo meat, not beef…modern machines have been put by us to improve quality of meat,” the publication quoted Mohd Imran Yakoob, who employs dozens of people at the ‘Al Faheem Meatex’ in Uttar Pradesh, as saying.