How to Keep Your Dog Busy? 5 DIY Toys and Games to Play at Home With Your Canines to Be Happy and Fit!

Team Latestly
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Managing dogs are not an easy job, they are just like babies, take away all the attention. To keep engaged is quite difficult and often people have a difficult time managing it. Every time you try to keep them in one place, they go all over everywhere giving everyone a tough time. Especially during COVID-19, it is very difficult to manage as we stay at home with them. So, we bring to you DIY things to keep your dog busy. From games to toys, a bit of training will ensure your canines play by themselves and don't drag you every time. How to Take Care of Dogs During Quarantine? From Making Dog Homes to Letting Them Watch Movies, Pet Parents Share Pics & Videos of How They Spend With Time Their Pooches.

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However, don't expect them to not need your help every time, at regular intervals check on them and ensure they are doing fine. At times, they become curious and venture into areas they shouldn't. Below is the list of DIY things to ensure your dogs find ways to be busy. Worried of Pets Being Alone at Home While You go to Work? Here's How You Can Train Them For Separation After COVID-19 Lockdown Ends.

Play a Game of Tug of War

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If you are in a mood to play, then, play a game of tug of war with them. They are great at pulling at things from one end and may give you a tough time at winning. This will also make your dog physically and mentally strong. letting them win encourage them to play more.

Teach Your Dog to “Go Find” Their Toys

Let them know the places where you hide their toys. Then tell your dog to go find them. This will keep them engaged and make them good at finding things.

Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Teaching a new trick will make them good at learning. Your pet may already be good some tricks, teaching a few more will be helpful. May to weave through your legs or jump through a hoop, you can try various things.

Play a Game of Find The Treats

Just like finding toys, they can also try to find treats. Only that, this will make them even more excited as for dogs they can do anything for treats.

The Ultimate Fetch

Nothing can go wrong in playing fetch with your game. The tried and tested thing will help your dog become a pro at it. Fetching will ensure your dog remains physically fit.

This will help you get your dog busy and at the same time improve their physical and mental health. Have a great time with your dog!