How To Keep Children Motivated For Online Learning

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The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a monumental change in our lives with work from home and online learning becoming the new normal. The change has been tough for most of us but it has been more challenging for young kids who have had to move to the world of online learning. They have been away from their school peers, classrooms for a year now and this can at times affect their motivation to study. Now the role of parent of young kids becomes all the more important in taking care of their child’s feelings and keeping them motivated for the new world learnings.

So, if you are a parent looking for things that you can do to make their learning experience better, here is what you can do:

Create structure and routines While the routine of a class has been replicated by the online classes, other routines of normal school days aren’t exactly the way you used to be. Try making your child’s experience of recess break and break between subjects as close as possible to a normal day at school.

Incentivize An added encouragement will help the child to feel motivated for his learning. Little things like gifting them with their favourite chocolate or sticker on completion of assignment might allow them to be motivated to achieve things.

Boost confidence With the lack of their peers, children can feel lonely. Parents need to constantly talk to their kids and make them feel heard about their feelings. They need to boost the confidence of their child and make them realize their capabilities. When kids feel confident about themselves, they are more likely to engage in hard work.

Be flexible Try to understand your child’s need and be flexible in your ways when you can be. For example, if they want to do their classes on the balcony or any other part of the house and it’s not too distracting, allow them. This will allow the child to feel a sense of control during these testing times. Try to be more understanding and instead of getting frustrated when things aren’t working out, allow the child to feel good about the part that he tried.

Try educational games for learning material Innovating with ways to teach your child is essential to keep them engaged in their learning. You can use various apps and sites that offer fun games to encourage learning in all subjects.

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